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Laura Giordano

Hi, I am Laura and I am a member at Fit4less Southwark. I joined about six weeks ago. I like this gym because it is brand new, the equipment is new. The gym is absolutely amazing! The staff are very friendly, they give you the best advise to get gains and how to workout while protecting your body. Really friendly people which makes it a no brainer to be here!

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Georgia Stevenson

Hi I'm Georgia. I love Fit4Less Southwark and I love how many cardio machines there are and the classes that they do, what they got to offer and the staff are so friendly.

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Rachel Pettit

I go to Fit4less Southwark because it's a really affordable gym. It's got everything to offer here. It's got classes & all the gym equipment, great friendly staff at such an affordable price. Everyone's having a great laugh here, I come here every day after work, it's a great atmosphere, good music and lots of fun!

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